Penomet Review: Can a Penis Pump Work For Penis Enlargement?

Boost Your Confidence and See Visible Difference in the First 15 minutes Using Penomet

It is pretty interesting to see just how many penis enlargement products are being sold these days and if it gives you the idea that there are a lot of men who are lacking in self-confidence in the bedroom, then you would be right.

In part because of the proliferation of readily available porn online, most men think that they are undersized, which may not necessarily be the case.

But, the good news is that if you aren’t happy with your penis size, then a product like Penomet can actually do something about that.

Product: Penomet Premium Penis Pump
100% Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Warranty: 3 Years
Discount: Up to $160
Official Website:
Customer Rating:

What Is Penomet?

The underlying theory behind the growth method used in Penomet is that it increases the size of your penis by continually increasing blood flow to the three chambers of the penis. Of course, your penis can’t take this kind of constant blood flow continually, but with regular use of Penomet (on a daily basis, usually), you will notice that you can tolerate more blood flow as a result of the chambers increasing in size and the individual cells regenerating and growing.

Penomet Advantages

penomet premium penis pump

  • Stronger erections and more satisfying sex
  • Real visible difference in the first 15 minutes
  • Boosts your Self Confidence
  • Straightens Bent Penises
  • After only ONE session your penis will be noticeably bigger, thicker and heavier
  • Individuals can gain between 1-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in thickness
  • Scientifically proven to increase penis size
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Does This Product Work?

In order to get more blood flow into the penis, you need to use one of several different methods, and recently it has been proven that vacuum pressure or suction is the safest and most effective method for increasing blood flow on a regular basis for growth purposes.

Penomet uses the power of water and vacuum pressure to increase blood flow, and it is able to do so in a way that is actually pretty enjoyable, too!

The Penomet device consists of a chamber that goes around your penis with a gaiter that sits next to your body. There are several different sizes and strengths of gaiters so that as your penis grows, you can move up in size. The gaiter is essentially the pump which pumps the water out of the Penomet and provides a true vacuum in which your penis can grow.

How To Use It

One of the unique selling points of this product is that it can be used in the shower or bath with warm water, making it very pleasant. You simply fill up the chamber, attach a gaiter, apply it over your penis, and then pump the product, which will then displace the water with your increase in size. By doing this over a period of several months, you should see just how effective this can be.

What Do Guys Really Say About the Penomet?

Before you try any kind of product that is going to come into contact with your genital region, it is pretty much in your best interest to make sure that not only will it be effective, but that it will be safe, too.

Many of the Penomet reviews show that this is a trusted product that is effective.


“I have to say that I have truly gained a lot. I gained in length and increased my self confidence, too.”
– Brandon (testimony from company website)

In addition to these reviews showing that it has worked for many men, you will also see the fact that this is safe and painless makes it a far more preferable method than others that are on the market today.

“I have used this and another penis enlargement tool and this is much better. It is comfortable and it doesn’t lean at all.”
-John (testimony from company website)


Best Male Enhancement Device 2013 and 2017

venusawardPenomet has won numerous awards over the years and last year this premium penis pump won two prestigious awards:

  • The Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013 and
  • Venus Awards for the Best New Product 2013

Where Should You Buy Penomet?

The only place that you can purchase Penomet right now is online, directly from the manufacturer. When you go to their official website, you will see that you can choose from three different packages:

The Penomet Premium package comes with:

  • 60 days money back guarantee,
  • Discreet billing and shipping,
  • Three year warranty on the entire product

You will also get lifetime support and 5 additional gaiters which will help you to continue your growth over time.

Is Penomet the Right Choice for You?

This really is a very unique product when it comes to penis enlargement tools and because it uses vacuum pressure and the power of water to increase your penis size, it is undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable products, too.

Whether you use this in the bath or the shower, or somewhere else, you will find that with continued use of Penomet that you begin to see an increase in thickness and length as well as increases in performance, too.

For men who are ready to make a major change in their love life as well as their level of self-confidence, this is a very good buy indeed. What’s more, if you act now you will qualify for huge discount of up to $160 that is currently available on the official website.

But hurry up… This promotion is valid only until June 30th!

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