Penis Enlargement Surgery vs Penis Extenders: Which One Is Safer?

Taking into account the developments in the last 2 decades, you might think that this query can be conveniently resolved. However, both penis extenders and penis surgeries have their fair share of pros & cons.Penis Enlargement Surgery vs Penis Extenders

What Penis Extenders Really Are?

It can be said that this technique is way safer and more convenient than going through with a surgery, however if you pick a low quality or wrong equipment, this could turn out to be a disaster.

Penis extenders are devices which apply exert a pull on the corpora cavernosa in your penis due to which cells escape and clone.

Further, these new cells begin to gather in your penis thus facilitating the penis to hold more blood, give more vehement and harder erections, avoid early ejaculation and also help to enlarge your penis.

The extender is tiny-sized equipment, which you insert on your penis when it is flaccid. It can easily be worn under your bottoms. When it is put on, it slowly helps to stretch and exercise your penis just like if you lift weights to tone down your muscles. This makes the tissues in your penis extend and grow due to which you will see an increase in the size of your penis.

Through various researches and medical studies, it has been vindicated that penis extenders have persisting and effective gains on the length and girth of the penis.

It has been vindicated my specialists and experts that this is a fool-proof technique and does help to enlarge your penis. For instance, one case of a man using a penis extender for about 4 to 8 hours daily for about half a year, his penis size increased by 2.8cm (erect) & 1.9cm (flaccid) which was persisting and effective.

Is There Any Drawback to Penis Extenders?

After a lot of studies and researches, medical experts and specialists state that using a good quality device can definitely have assured gains and help you for enlargement of your penis and is an extremely safe, risk-free and effective method.

As discussed before, there are a plethora of penis extenders available today which claim to be the best and get foolproof results for you; however most of them are of mediocre quality.

More often than not, they are not tested and certified by studies and experts, they are highly unreliable, their authenticity is questionable, and instead of bringing you the desired results, they may be risky and have side effects.

Before you purchase any equipment, be sure that you can avail:

  • Clinical studies – not any universal or generic studies or researches, but a clinical study specially conducted on the required equipment.
  • Guarantee – if the money back guarantee is for a longer period, they are more assured of their device. Basically ensure that the money back guarantee exceeds over 6 months.
  • Quality materials – the best superior quality penis extenders have Medical Type 1 materials and they also use Comfort Way Technology and MDA Technology conducive to penises of all shapes and sizes with complete and foolproof convenience and comfort. For more information visit this page.

If you select an appropriate penis extender, you can actually see results. Just make sure you know what you buy and you are well-versed with its utility and reviews.

What Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Is?

Over the last two decades, penis enlargement surgeries have been a new development for those who wish to have a foolproof method to increase the length and girth of their penis.

This technique ensures 100% results, however this isn’t only the most expensive but also the most risky affair. There are a plethora of penis enlargement surgeries available in the market that helps to enlarge your penis. i.e. cutting the suspensory ligament, inserting inflatable tubes or attaching a skin graft.

– Inflatable tubes – inserting tubes alongside your corpora cavernosa, the pump is attached to your testicles and help you to exercise authority over your erections thereby enlarging the penis.
– Cutting the Suspensory ligament –this surgery involves cutting the suspensory ligament which connects the penis to pubic bone. However, this may decrease the ability of the penis to protrude upwards during an erection.
– Skin graft – taking skin from another area of your body, skin grafting allows you to control your gains. But, it can affect and reduce the blood circulation to your penis due to which your penis may appear to be disfigured and deformed.

So Which One Is Better?

Every coin has 2 sides, similarly both these techniques have their advantages & disadvantages, but if you want a safer, more reliable and risk free method it is best to opt for penis extenders. Penis enlargement surgery should really be your last resort.

If you want to see a change which is long term and sustainable, the easiest trick is to use a penis extender. You will notice increase in inches, no premature ejaculations as well as harder erections.

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