Could Certain Types of Foods Help Me Gain Bigger Penis?

food-for-hard-penisThere is no kind of diet or food items that particularly trigger the increase of the size of your penis. However your food intake definitely supports your attempts to increase your penis size.

As an illustration; there are various techniques such as penis extenders that depend on rate of blood flow to the penis. You should adopt a nutritious diet which includes good healthy fats and this will consequently trigger harder erections.

How could I attain a healthier erection?

You need to keep in mind that your penis needs a constant active flow of blood just like other body organs. A mediocre diet and lack of nutrients in food intake does not affect only your brain, heart or BMI but it also has an impact on your erectile function.

If you really want to increase the size of your penis and you have been trying a lot of techniques, you can also adhere to these pointers:

You can make a few alterations in your diet as stated below:

  • Include in your diet fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Reduce your intake of red meat and replace it with meats like fish & chicken, and reduce consumption of red meat
  • Go for whole wheat grains & oats
  • Avoid intake of white flour products, processed sugars, and junk food.
  • Make sure your diet has substantial quantities of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Avoid over consumption of iron but make certain you increase your zinc consumption.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking messes with your cardio vascular system, shrinks your arteries & capillaries and thereby decreases your blood oxygen supply.

What more can I do?

As stated, a person’s food intake is not the sole determinant and stimulant for penis enlargement. Another significant method is to utilize an effective penis enlargement technique.


What you will realise is that you have a plethora of penis enlargement techniques available today such as:

  • Penis extenders,
  • Penis pumps,
  • Penis exercises & even
  • Penis enlargement surgery.

However every coin has 2 sides and everything has their pros and cons.

Penis extenders

Quite like the method adopted in orthopaedic surgery, the penis extenders exert a pull on the corpora cavernosa in penis due to which cells escape and clone.

Further, these new cells begin to gather in your penis thus facilitating the penis to hold more blood, give more vehement and harder erections, avoid early ejaculation and also help to enlarge your penis.

Pros: It has been vindicated my specialists and experts that this is a fool-proof technique and does help to enlarge your penis. For instance, one case of a man using a penis extender for about 4-8 hours daily for about half a year, his penis size increased by 2.8cm (erect) & 1.9cm (flaccid) which was persisting and effective.

Cons: Some penis extenders are low-quality; they are not backed by medical researches and could be made from improper equipment.

You need to take precautions and make sure that you use a good quality product and ensure that they constitute Medical Type 1 equipments; they have a minimum half yearly money back guarantee and are backed by medical research. For more info click here.

Penis pumps

This helps your penis to accumulate and hold more blood by making a vacuum around your penis and thereby it temporarily increases the inches of your penis.

Pros: Helps to achieve quicker and harder erections and it has been vindicated that this device has helped to increase the size of the penis by an inch.
Cons: If you go overboard with the use, it can harm the blood vessels in the penis and anyway the results don’t last long enough.

Penis exercises

This includes kegel & jelqing; which facilitate stretching, exercising and strengthening your penis. When you continue to try a milking movement on your penis persistently it helps to increase blood circulation, and further helps to swell up your penis.

Pros: The penis exercises include stretching the penis facilitating the part of your penis that is held back in your body to gradually protrude out and makes it appear bigger.

Cons: These results don’t last permanently though they help to have stronger, harder reactions and avoid early ejaculations.

Penis enlargement surgery

This is not only the most expensive but also the most risky affair. There are a plethora of penis enlargement surgeries available in the market that helps to enlarge your penis. i.e. cutting the suspensory ligament, attaching a skin graft or inserting inflatable tubes.

Pros: It is effective, foolproof and you can exercise control on the size of your penis.
Cons: All the steps in the surgery have risk attached.

  • Cutting the suspensory ligament: this may decrease the ability of the penis to protrude upwards during an erection.
  • Inflatable tubes: if you pump excessively, it can be harmful for your testicles.
  • Skin grafts: it can affect and reduce the blood circulation to your penis due to which your penis may appear to be disfigured and deformed.

Thus, it is achievable if you want to increase the size of penis.

Keep in mind that you should have a wholesome diet and choose the right technique. The appropriate technique can help you to add more inches to you penis, feel more attractive and self-confident.

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