Can Penile Curvatures Be Treated by Stretchers or Extenders?

Peyronies-DiseaseHaving penile curvatures is a problem that may be more common than initially thought. The sufferers are not only limited to those older than 50. It may be experienced by healthy and young individuals.

The truth is that anyone, ranging from a teen to a man in his senior years, can have penile curvatures. Many men have had an accident and because the injury was not treated, the curvature remained.

But there are some whose penis has had this condition since birth or since puberty.

Define Penile Curvatures

It’s when there are one or several fibrous plaques/scars along the penis length, typically on the upper side or underneath it. The penis could have a 10° to 45° angle. It could be so extreme that the penis looks like the letter J.

It can’t be denied that finding a treatment for penile curvatures is quite complicated.

You don’t want to just leave it alone but then there are risks from undergoing surgery. It may lead to worse damage to the penis.

What sufferers really want to hear is an assurance that the procedure will enable them to experience sex as a pleasurable act again. They want to be sure that the curvature won’t come back.

What Are The Possible Solutions?

For the safe treatment of curvatures, scientists have come up with technological advances that led to development of various penile devices that could treat Peyronie’s disease and make curvatures less obvious.

Have you heard of penis extenders? These devices, which are widely available on the internet, were initially developed to lessen penis curvatures. However, it was discovered from the trials that the devices added inches to the penis.

One example is the SizeGenetics Male Traction Device.

The research paper of Wendy Hurn, a specialist of urology, found that SizeGenetics can correct penile curvature and is a true alternative to going under the knife.

Her research paper is titled ‘Treatment of Penile Retraction in Evolutive Peyronie’s Disease with External Penis-Stretching’.

She made a survey of 22 males (aged from 18 to 78 years old) who had Peyronie’s disease. She grouped them into two. In one group, their penis length stretched by less than 12.5cm while the other group had their penises adding more than 12.5cm to the length.

Both groups were told to use the SizeGenetics device for five hours each day for three months. Hurn measured their penis length at the end of the period. Their penises grew by 0.8-2.3cm on average. Their penile curvatures were also reduced by as much as 20%.

She concluded that Peyronie’s disease can be effectively treated by penis-stretching, particularly when there’s severe penile retraction.

Others have come to the same findings.

The International Journal of Impotence Research released a study titled ‘Can An External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature’, where it was determined that of the eight men in their 50’s who they have asked to use the penis stretcher for a minimum of 4 hours every day for three to six months, all of them had 14° decreases in the curvature from 34° to 20° without sensing any pain or discomfort.

In addition, Paolo Gontero made a study titled ‘Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease’. He determined that patients’ curvatures of 31° to 27° decreased in the months that they wore the penis stretcher. After a year, the penises were still in their reduced state.

How Do The Devices Work?

Basically, penis extenders like SizeGenetics use a technique comparable to the effects of orthopaedic surgery.sizegenetics

By applying a traction force to the copora cavernosa, cells are distanced from the wall and as a result, they replicate. When these cells accumulate, the penis increases in length.

Because of its 58 way comfort design and by using Medical Type 1 materials, the device can be worn the entire day without any blood flow loss, any skin peeling off, or pain.

Can The Curvature Be Treated by the Devices?

All studies say that the devices are effective in treating curvature. After six months of using a top-quality device, there’s a significant reduction in the curvature. Choose the device that is backed by trials, studies, and plenty of doctors around the world.

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