Male Extra Pills: Reviews, Ingredients and Results

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maleextra pills for male enhancementIt goes without saying that there are many reasons to look into products that help to boost libido and sexual performance. But, the problem is that NOT all of them are going to really be effective.

When you read just about any Male Extra review, you will see just how this powerful natural supplement has been able to change the lives of many men, providing them not only with larger, firmer erections, but with a super-charged sex life and more confidence. [Read more…]

SizeGenetics Review: All Hype or Does It Work? Get The Facts Here

When it comes to increasing the size of your penis, you probably think that there aren’t a lot of options. Of course, there are plenty of so-called “cures” for your troubles found in the backs of magazines, but these are generally known to be shams and they can be downright dangerous. But, when you read a SizeGenetics review, you will quickly see that not only is this product effective, but it is literally guaranteed to work or you get your money back.

SizeGenetics review
Classification: Penis Extender
Effectiveness: 5starsfeature SizGenetics review
Speed: 5starsfeature SizGenetics review
Support: 5starsfeature SizGenetics review
Price: From $199.95
Money Back Guarantee: 180 Days
Worldwide Shipping: FREE
Length Gains: Up to 3″
Girth Gains: Up to 1″
Overall rating: 5starsfeature SizGenetics review

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What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics claims to be the most comfortable and most effective penis extending device on the market, and it uses traction as its unique method of extending your penis. It is designed to be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time, which clinical studies have proven is the only way to really increase your penis on a permanent basis.

Benefits of using SizeGeneticssizegenetics-start

  • Can extend the penis by inches
  • Can help straighten curvatures in the penis
  • Is a Medical Type 1 Device
  • Is clinically tested and available for men of all ages
  • Is supported by a published clinical study
  • Can help increase your confidence in the bedroom by extending your penis
  • Is endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons all over the world
  • Has over 20 successful years in the market
  • Fast free delivery from distribution depots in the UK and US
  • Strongest money back guarantee (6 months)
  • TV & magazine coverage. Including GQ Magazine & Channel 4 in the UK
  • Collection of Free Bonuses

Enter values to calculate your estimated results.
Calculations based on our average growth rate with the traction device ONLY. Adding the PenisHealth exercises will help you gain faster, more noticeable results.

How Does This System Work?

“…a 1/2 inch gain in length
in only 2 weeks!”

– Tim Shaw, Channel 4 journalist

The way in which SizeGenetics works is that it gradually stretches all of the individual parts of the penis, from the skin to the vascular regions, so that the cells multiply and become longer over time. This is not an overnight method for increasing your size, but you should notice a difference within a month or two with regular use.

9125-dvd-boxThe 58 Way Comfort Factor

This steady method of traction is attained as a result of its patented 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System. This helps to keep you comfortable all the time and to make sure that you do not potentially damage any area of your genital region.


Another reason why this product is so popular is that it is ideal for men who suffer from curvature of the penis too (known as Peyronie’s disease), since this helps to straighten out the penis while it is increasing both the length and the girth at the same time.

There is actually a handy calculator on the official web site that will help you to determine just how long it will take SizeGenetics to increase your penis size. The calculation is based on your starting length and how long you use it, and should give you some idea as to what you are looking at in the future.

Click here to visit the official SizeGenetics website

Jonathan Ross Sizegenetics penile enlargement deviceFeatured in Several Popular Magazines and TV Shows

Featured on BBC, GQ Magazine, Virgin 1 and Channel 4 SizeGenetics is now the #1 best selling penis enlargement product. This is testament to the quality and success of this popular penis extender and is great evidence of it’s growing reputation.

Video From BBC’s Tim Shaw

Endorsed by Penis Enlargement Surgeons Worldwide!

Sizegenetics penis enlargement device is medically backed and tested in several clinical trials before its lunch on market. Medical experts throughout the world have verified this device as safe to use and effective against male organ’s problems regarding length and shape. So, it is 100% legitimate product.

Beside of that, SizeGenetics is a certified medical device product with the CE stamp of approval. It passes all of the guidelines set by the EU Directive (MDD/93/42/EEC).

What Do Real Men Say About SizeGenetics?

I spent some time searching around to see if I could find men who had gotten results using SizeGenetics penis extender. I actually found more positive reviews, user testimonials and before/after photos than I expected.

However, because this is a pretty sensitive area of your body, it is very important to do your research and make sure that any product you use down there is legitimate, safe, and effective. No one wants to waste their time wearing a traction device for months, only to find out that it doesn’t work!

“After four months, I simply can’t believe the results. My erection went from 6.9 inches to more than 8.7 inches and I am now wearing XL size condoms!”  – Richard (testimony from company website)


“In just four months, I have gained one inch on my erect measurements and I am completely satisfied with your product.” – Pete (testimony from company website)

A lot of the reviews for the SizeGenetics product are written by men who had suffered for years with a penis that they just were not happy with. The fact that this works in the privacy of your own home and that you are in control of the size increases is what makes it such a big seller.

“Not only have I become larger and longer, but my stamina has gone way up. Thanks for changing my life!” Homer (testimony from company website)

If you want to check out more testimonials and before/after photos click here.

How Long Do I Have It On?
This just depends how fast you want to see results. It is recommended that men should wear this device at least 4 to 6 hours daily for an effective enhancement.

Where Should You Buy This Product?

Obviously, this isn’t the kind of product that most men would feel comfortable buying in person, and so that is why it is sold only online.

When you go to the official website (, you can choose from a variety of different packages, but the most popular one would be the “Ultimate”, which includes everything that you could possibly need to increase your size, plus a variety of bonuses that are all worth up to $200. This is the best way to get the quickest and most profound gains and of course this also comes with a money back guarantee, too.

How Much Does It Cost?

SizeGenetics is available from as little as $199.95 and unlike some other penis extension devices it’s going to do the job that it says it is going to do. You might find that it is a little bit expensive, but you should bear in mind that SG is the best penis extender on the market with guaranteed results.

For those of you who are looking to get more “bang for your buck”, you could opt for the ‘Ultimate System’ which comes with the following bonuses:

  • 58 Comfort Strap + Velcro-X Strap
  • PenisHealth Exercise DVD, with Video Demonstrationssizegenetics-ultimate
  • 2 Sex Improvement DVD’s
  • Luxury Leather Case
  • SizeGenetics Travel Case, with Lock and Key
  • Traction Plus Powder/Revita Cream
  • Device Cleaning Wipes
  • Spare Parts
  • Online Access to PenisHealth and LoveCentria (54+ Online DVDs)

Although you might find cheaper alternatives in the market (X4Labs, $129 – starting price) you will get what you pay for. None of them provide the kind of penis enlargement at the speed that is provided by SizeGenetics penis extender program. Moreover, there are amazing discounts available so you can SAVE up to amazing $200!!


free-shippingFast, Discreet & FREE Delivery

SizeGenetics has dispatch depots in Nottinghamshire (UK) and Oregon (US) so the most orders arrive within 2-3 business days. In addition to this, you will get 100% free shipping.

All orders are shipped in a plain, discreet packaging with no indications of the product’s content, in case there are people who you’d prefer not know about your purchase… unless you tell them or let ’em open it. So, you don’t have to worry, no-one from your family or neighborhood will know that you’re trying to enlarge your penis.

Is This the Solution for You?sizegenetics-guarantee

There are a few unique features in this device that really do set it apart from others on the market today, including the fact that this literally comes with a 180 day (six month) guarantee. So, if you find that this is not comfortable, or it doesn’t provide you with the size increase you expected, then simply return it for your money back. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Unlike other penis enhancement products available, SizeGenetics has been clinically tested and proven to give you the most noticeable size gains you’re looking for. Once you try this penis extender, you won’t have to deal with lack of confidence and self-esteem anymore… Especially around women.

If you are unhappy with your current size and feel that a little bit of effort might be worth it if you could see an increase of an inch, two inches or more, then the SizeGenetics penis extender program may be just what you have been waiting for.

With over 20 years experience and more than 60,000 satisfied users all around the world, Size Genetics is #1 choice in extension solutions.

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Why would you choose Size Genetics over a competing brand?

After using and testing a few different penis extenders, SizeGenetics came out as a TOP choice for quite a few reasons. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Definitely the MOST comfortable device on the market
  • 58 Way Comfort Features
  • MDA (Multi Dimension Angle) Technologysizegenetics-couple
  • The ability to straighten curved penises
  • Doctor prescribed and has proven Clinical Studies backing the product
  • Sold online since 1995
  • Over 60,000 satisfied customers
  • Includes Traction Powder, Lotion, and Wipes
  • The complete package comes with a Penis Health DVD (It features additional exercises)
  • Has an amazing 180 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast, Discreet and 100% FREE Shipping (1 – 2 days)
  • FREE Device offer

Important Update – Get Your Device For FREE (Limited Time Offer)

Right now, official SizeGenetics site is running “FREE device” promotion, so that if you send your before and after photos (you don’t need to include your face) with your testimonial, you will get a complete refund! No other PE company offers this kind of promotion at this time …

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P.S. Do NOT forget SizeGenetics has limited time discount offer. Save $200 off RRP price.

P.P.S. Remember that The British Association of Urological Surgeons recently announced in their journal that non-surgical penis extension is possible – see the article here.sizegenetics-daily-mail

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How could I attain a healthier erection?

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The Proper Way of Using Penis Extenders

Proper usage – greatest benefits

img1bThe extender is tiny-sized equipment, which you insert on your penis when it’s flaccid. It could easily be worn beneath your bottoms. When it is put on, it slowly helps to stretch and exercise your penis just like if you lift weights to tone down your muscles. This makes the tissues in your penis extend and grow due to which you will see an increase in the size of your penis.

Given below is a listed procedure and tips which will help you through using the penis extender, making it safe and convenient for you.

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Male Surgery

Augmenting your penis or reducing your pocket?

With the onset of the 21st century, techniques and methods for penis enlargement have become extremely prevalent and are used more frequently.

In the past 2 decades, a plethora of medical experts, specialists, plastic & urologic surgeons have tried to increase the length & girth of the penis for cosmetic gains. This questionable process has triggered a few mediocre operations and results have been highly disturbing.

So, it is generally accepted that penis enlargement surgeries come with attached risks and are not completely safe and reliable.

In the last decade, you will see major developments for penis enlargement techniques; however you will also see substantial number of lawsuits for undesired results.penis enlargement surgery

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X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

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In this x4 Labs review you’re going to get all information you need so you can make an informed decision on buying this popular penis enlargement device. If you have suffered from small penis (or even curved) then the X4 Labs penis extender will help you achieve results you’ve ever dreamed about. In fact, it will help increase both penis length and girth by up to 35% in less than 6 months. [Read more…]

X4 Labs VS SizeGenetics

More often than not, people have the conception that the concept of penis enlargement is actually a big developing industry of its own among the cost effective and competitive markets that surround us today.

sizegenetics-vs-x4labsToday, with developed communication techniques and inflated advertising budgets, there are various businesses which start and claim to deliver the best results and foolproof gains; however they are very unethical, unprofessional and ineffective.

There are also bona fide (pun intended) companies with well crafted methods and techniques to get desired results and these companies are backed by medical studies and researches to prove their credibility.

If you wish to buy a penis extender, you have a plethora of options available to you today. Penis is one of the most sensitive organs of the body, which if damaged or hurt permanently by a mediocre product or device which was not clinically tested to be authentic and safe [Read more…]