2017 Top Rated Penis Extenders

Many men are concerned about their penis size. Fortunately, there is a proven way to increase both the length and the girth of the penis by using penis extenders.

Not all of them are the same though, since the demand is high, many brands and types of extenders are available.

We want to give our readers an advantage, so we have researched and reviewed a number of extenders to see which ones work and which don’t, compare the prices, guarantees and user feedback.

As a result, we’ve put together a list of 4 top rated penis extenders that can and will help you gain in size and get more confidence in bed. Before rushing off and buying the first product you find, get to know the four in our list and choose one of these if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Dr SizeGenetics X4 Labs Male Edge Peyronies Device

#1 Editors Choice




Product Name SizeGenetics X4 Labs MaleEdge Peyronies Device
Effectiveness 92% 89% 82% 78%
Quality Excellent Very Good Very Good Good
Potential Gains 1.5″-3″ 1.5″-3″ Up to 28% 1.5″-2.5″
CE Certified YES-Type 1
Medical Device
YES-Type 1
Medical Device
YES-Type 1
Medical Device
YES-Type 1
Medical Device
Guarantee 6 Months 6 Months Double Refund 6 Months
Shipping FREE Worldwide (DHL) FREE to US & Canada FREE Worldwide Worldwide
Discount SG10 – $10  DISC75 – $75  30% OFF
User’s Rating 4.97 4.30 3.70 3.70
Overall Rating Five Star Rating 4.5 star rating 4.5 star rating 4 star rating
Price $199.95-$398.95 $129.95-$389.95 $179.00-$219.00  $259.00-$399.00
SizeGen Review Official Website X4 Labs Review Official Website MaleEdge Review Official Website Peyronies Review Official Website

Best Penis Extenders 2017/2018

sizegenetics best penis extender #1 SizeGenetics – The Best Penis Extender

Our top rated penis extender SizeGenetics stands out from among all others as it has the best user feedback and real before and after images on their website. There is no doubt that this product works.

Men have seen increases as impressive as 2-3 inches in just a few months.

The device is very easy to use and thanks to its unique 58 way comfort system, you can wear it just the way you like and feel comfortable with.

Not all manufacturers believe in their products as much as SizeGenetics does, they have even included an 180 day money back guarantee with every purchase. This only shows their confidence and ensures you that there will be results.

#1 SizeGenetics™

  • Penis Size Increases Up To 30%
  • Ultimate 58 Way Comfort System
  • 6 Month Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Free PenisHealth penis exercises program
  • Endorsed By Doctors And Praised By Users

Not only does it give inches to your penis size, SizeGenetics traction device also relieves curvature issues, makes your erections stronger and helps you control ejaculation.

After using it for a few months, you will definitely have more confidence in bed, you and your partner will both be much happier with your sex life.

What we also love about SizeGenetics is that their ultimate package comes with a number of bonuses and extras including advice on seduction, fitness and better sex. This product is definitely worth to be checked out.

We believe the SizeGenetics Ultimate System is the best choice among all penis extenders on the market today. Click here to read how Sizegenetics can help you to enlarge your penis permanently

Click Here to order SizeGenetics from official website http://www.sizegenetics.com


#2 – X4 Labs Extender

x4 labs penis stretcher

X4 Labs™

  • CE Certified And Doctor Recommended
  • 4-in-1 Quad Support
  • 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Penis extender by X4 Labs is another great value device.

It will give impressive gains in both length and girth, can help with curvature issues and Peyronie’s Disease, improves performance and gives more stamina.

All in all, using this premium extender gives your male confidence a boost and adds more pleasure to your sex life.

X4 Labs extender comes with a 6 months satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty on the extender, and free shipping.

They have a range a packages to choose from and a special Peyronies extender. What we like best is that you can order accessories separately when you should need new ones or run out.

Also, since these penis devices can be quite expensive, X4 Labs gives you the opportunity to pay in installments, which will take away some of that financial strain.

This is the only similar device that has the CE Certificate, which ensures you that it is safe to use and meets all the requirements of a good medical device. They have a patent pending with their 4-in-1 Quad Support Piece which gives maximum comfort and better traction.

As with SizeGenetics, you can enjoy plenty of bonuses such as videos, a $50 gift card and more with the Luxury Edition. X4 Labs penis extender is definitely one device that deserves your attention.

read-full-review visit-official-website

Click here to read X4 Labs Review| Click here to visit official X4 Labs website


#3 – Male Edge


  • Great Customer Support And Live Chat
  • Gains Up To 28% In Length And 19% In Girth
  • Good Looking & Lightweight Design
  • Suitable For All Penis Sizes
  • Double Money Back Guarantee

Male Edge penis extender is a second generation device that is manufactured in Denmark by the actual inventors of the first Penile Traction system in 1995.

It looks different from other similar devices because it is lighter and comes in three colors – bright green, light blue and black.

Over 500,000 units have been sold so far, that alone shows how successful this product is.

This is one of the better priced extenders and one that suits all penis sizes. Whether you start at 1.5 inches or 9 inches, Male Edge traction device fits just right. This product comes with a double money back guarantee and uses the strongest available technology – it can take up to 2800 gram traction.

What we love most about this brand is that they have a very strong customer support and also Live Chat available for those who have questions before purchasing.

You won’t get all the comfort features and extras you get with SizeGenetics and X4 Labs, but Male Edge extenders do offer a great deal for your money.


#4 – Peyronies Device


Peyronies Device

  • Especially Designed For Peyronies Patients
  • Doctor Endorsed
  • Clinically Proven To Work
  • Perfect Grip System
  • 6 Months Guarantee

While the Peyronies Device is not exactly a penis extender like the previous three, it fits nicely into our list as it doesn’t only make your penis straighter, but also longer and adds more girth.

While it’s main purpose is to lessen the curvature that comes with Peyronies, it has a nice side effect that all men love – it makes the penis bigger.

While it looks just like any other penis traction device, it has a different angle that helps to straighten out a bent penis faster than regular extenders (which can also help with Peyronies).

Peyronies Device comes with two different treatment plans.

One for those is means to be used with smaller curvature problems, which may be totally natural and not caused by the disease, and another for patients diagnosed with Peyronies Disease. Both plans come with several extras, money back guarantee, and free shipping.

We recommend this product to anyone with curvature problems, especially those who want to solve two issues at once – straighten out your penis and make it bigger. It will only take a few months to see great results and you won’t have to feel bad in the bedroom any longer.